You might wonder, what makes our cashews honest?

The initiative is called ‘honest’ as we want to be transparent about the challenges the industry face and about our solutions, actions and progress.
See for yourself how cashews improve the life of farmers.
We developed Honest Cashew, as an initiative which shows Intersnack’s vision: 
a transparent story about how we want to ensure a better and safer future for all the workers who supply us with our delicious cashews.
Lots of people are involved in the cashew’s journey from tree to factories to store. But who are the people doing the work, where are they and under what circumstance do they work? 
The Honest Cashew stories of Sina, Moussa, Laksmi, Sáng and Ahn

Let us show our work in the cashew chain

Sina and Moussa about better farming

 "Cashews have brought a positive change in our lives."
Moussa and Sina: two cashew farmers from two different countries. Both taking care of their cashew trees and their families.

Lakshmi about a good place to work

"With my long-term contract and income, I can support my family." 
Lakshmi lives in India, together with her mother, her husband and their three children. She has been working in the cashew factory in Rajahmundry, India, since 2017

Sáng about a safe working environment

“In our factory all employees are trained, and most of the manual jobs are now performed by machines.”
Sáng works at the boiling department of the cashew factory. He is the breadwinner for his wife and son. He loves to be with his friends and family and likes to watch his Koi Carps swim.

Anh about the quality of cashews

"We work in a clean and modern factory, which offers us the tools to deliver the best cashews”
Anh lives with her parents and her two poodles. She has been working in the factory since 2020. In her free time, she likes reading, watching documentaries and brewing delicious coffee.