‘So many benefits in such little nuts’ 

Cashews are loved for their rich flavour with a creamy interior and a nice crunch. They can be enjoyed as a satisfying snack, a topping, in sauces and as butter. Very versatile!

Cashews have a lot to offer

All over the world, cashews are a popular treat. They offer great taste, convenience, versatility and, last but not least, many health benefits.

Essential nutrients

Cashews are a wonderful source of nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B1, copper and phosphorus. Magnesium contributes to the maintenance of the bones, and it reduces tiredness. Vitamin B1 contributes to the functioning of the heart and an energy-yielding metabolism. Copper contributes to normal iron transport in the body. Phosphorus contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth.

Packed with proteins

Cashews are a source of protein. Proteins are essential for our health, as they maintain muscle and bone mass and promote muscle growth.

Complements every diet

Cashews are a wonderful topping for, for instance, a flavour-packed chicken curry. And for those on a more plant-based diet they also offer welcome additional nutrients. Plant-based diets require extra attention to get enough nutrients intake. Cashews offer exactly what is needed: plant-based protein, vitamin B1 and magnesium.

Have a treat!

We love our honest cashews for their creamy, slightly sweet taste. We use a special sunflower oil for roasting, which makes them even tastier. They have a crunchy bite, with hints of caramel on the outside because of the roasting followed by that soft, sweet and creamy inside. Cashews are great as a snack, a spread on toast, as a curry topping, in a bread dough, in a soup, oh we could go on and on…
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What is your favourite recipe?

Below some of our favourite recipes with honest cashews. Have fun in the kitchen!