Quote Anh

"We work in a clean and modern factory, which offers us the tools to deliver the best cashews”

About Anh

Anh (24) lives in Tay Ninh, together with her parents and her poodles, April and Puppy. She loves broken rice with pork chop, ‘Bun bò’ and her own brew of coffee. Anh likes to read books and watch documentaries. She believes it is important to be kind, because whatever happens, you always have your kindness.
Cup of coffee

The highest standards

For the best cashew quality, our factories follow the Intersnack Quality Assurance Agreement. By inspecting the cashew kernels and checking every step of the process, we ensure to maintain the quality to the highest standards.

Single roof processing

By carrying out the complete production process in our own factories, we have full control over our cashews; from the moment we buy from local exporters to their arrival in Europe.
This way, we avoid subcontracting, risks of child labour and people working under bad conditions. This ‘single roof processing’ also improves food safety and secures traceability. Check out the infographic to learn more.


Our facilities are very clean and advanced. Employees are educated and skilled for their tasks, which include operating our state-of-the-art machines.