Quote Lakshmi

"With my long-term contract and income, I can support my family." 

About Lakshmi

Lakshmi (38) and her family live in a small house in Eluru, India. Her husband runs a small bakery, and their three kids go to the village school. One day, she would love to build her own house for her family. She enjoys her favourite dish prawn biryani, reading books and all shades of pink.
Prawn dishes
Everything Pink
Reading books

Security of income for our employees

All our employees benefit from security of income, as our factories do not close during the national season. As we buy from both Africa and Asia, we can follow the different seasons and stay open all year. Salaries are above minimum wage and employees are entitled to secondary benefits such as health insurance and childcare.

Safe transport

Home-to-work transportation by tuk-tuks is provided for our employees in India. We pay their transport costs directly to them so they can choose their favourite drivers. This prevents female workers from travelling with sometimes unsafe public transport.

24/7 insurance 

Taking care of our people goes beyond our factories. All employees have a 24/7 health/accident insurance, granting them medical services at all times.