Quote Sáng

“In our factory all employees are trained, and most of the manual jobs are now performed by machines.”

About Sáng

Sáng (31) and his wife have a 3-year-old son. His favourite foods are grilled ribs, fried eggs with rice and Vietnamese sandwiches. He likes having a beer and chatting with his friends and to relax he likes to watch his Arowana-fish swimming in their aquarium. But Sáng is most content around his family members, who are most important to him.
Grilled ribs
Family gathering

Safety and training first

Our employees are trained regularly, and risky manual tasks have been replaced by safe machinal work. To protect the safety of our employees, we continuously monitor their working environment.

Food safety standards

Our processing facilities comply with global food safety standards as well as local regulations. This assures good and safe working conditions for our employees.

A bright future for all employees

Nowadays, innovations and modern technology attract young engineers to work in our cashew factories. By providing good jobs and education opportunities, the industry also supports the region that surrounds our factories.